cape Hatteras NC

The animation for golferInABottle features a golfer swinging his club while playing at a golf course in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. The animation is projected into an empty gin bottle by an aaxa P4 video projector. The specific gin bottle was chosen for its aesthetic and reflective qualities. The video was not visible on the bottom of some gin bottles. The site chosen for this exhibition was a beach along the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina. The largest sand dune on the east coast is near Cape Hatteras at Jockey's Ridge State Park, North Carolina. This work was originally intended for that sand dune, however the Jockey Ridge dune is not immediately adjacent to the ocean. Jockey Ridge has a bay inlet to its rear and is cut off from the ocean by a road and a row of motels and businesses. It has a large rounded dome which is difficult to capture with the video camera.
The day golferInABottle was recorded at Cape Hatteras was the day after the presidential election in which donald Trump became President of the United States. A certain numbness set in and has not gone away since that day. This numbness is a form of paralysis of the imagination. A black curtain descends. The early election returns ratched up the fear. That fear was acknowledged the next morning. Hillary Clinton did not run a good campaign. She ignored several pivotal states. She failed to understand that she would not get the same number of black votes as Barack Obama. She mistakenly thought she had won the election. She failed to appreciate the lack of interest her candidacy inspired in some groups of the electorate and the hostility felt by other factions.
The night before a burnt out straggly haired ex-hippy who was overjoyed with the early election returns expressed this joy while waiting in line at the supermarket. Two twenty somethings were checking out the groceries. One had a flat top, wore an argyle pink, black and white sweater, black skinny jeans and had pierced ears with round gold posts, exuding a soft adolescent masculinity. The old hippy didn't realize he was talking to a girl or that she might not support trump.
Hurricane Matthew hit Cape Hatteras in February 2015. Almost a year later there were still piles of collected debris including this household appliance dump which was across the street from the Sea Gull Motel. Workmen were repairing the bottom floor due to water damage. Plastering. Repainting. Only the second floor was being rented out. There were a few guests, fishermen who left their rooms about 5 in the morning. The motel had computer code door locks so there was no need for personnel to be present at the building. Guests received the door code on their cell phones before checking in. All they had to do was punch in the code on the keypad. No human interface needed except over the cellphone.

golferInABottle                            Jockey's Ridge, North Carolina