sand traps and other hazzards

golferInABottle    Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina    Nov 2016

golferWithoutShirtSwingingGolfClub        Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado     April 2017

manSwingingGolfClub    from Falling Down     White Sands, New Mexico    June 2013

golfCartOnDunes        Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, California     April 2017

golferWearingOrange        Joshua Tree National Park, California     April 2017

manStandingWithGolfClub        Hole In the Wall, Mojave Desert, California     April 2017

golferWithKnickers        devils golf course, Death Valley, California     April 2017

golferPutting        petroglyphs, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah     April 2017

golferFatWithHat        notom Cemetery Road, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah     April 2017

golferInFishbowl        Sunset Crater Volcano, Arizona     April 2017

golfersCarryingGolfBags     Iquique, Chile    Oct 2015